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Theaterbesuch des Englischkurs A241

1984, a performance by The American Drama Group and TNT Britain

On the 2nd of November 2023 our class, the A241 of the Gutenberggymnasium as well as Mrs. Heimel went to watch the play „1984“ which was illustrated by The American Drama Group as well as TNT Britain. We, of course, watched the performance in the English language with several other classes of different schools. Out of all those people, our class was the only one that did not get up to walk around or go to the toilet during the whole play and stayed seated and well mannered. The performance went by the novel „1984“ by George Orwell. Some characters, especially Winston Smith, were illustrated in a very suprising way in our opinion, but the feeling went away during the performance due to the very good acting. The fact that there were only 5 actors also did not bother at all, also due to their amazing acting and the good atmosphere they created with it. The play also contained a lot of songs, which the Drama Group added to shorten the play. This made it seem a little bit like a musical and therefore overshadowed the dystopian aspect of the play a little bit but also made it more fun to listen to. One question that was left open for those who read the book completely though, was why they changed the ending the way they did, since it is a big discussion point in „1984“.

Overall, we would recommend watching the play if you do not want to read the book. ☺

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